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At Aesthetics by Sian, we offer a range of advanced Dermal Filler treatments administered by Independent Nurse Prescriber (RMN) Sian Robinson.


Sian is an experienced Aesthetics Nurse and has completed extensive training in dermal filler treatments. Sian has attended numerous masterclasses to perfect her techniques. Sian regularly attends workshops and training sessions to keep her knowledge and skills up to date. Sian also has a Level 3 award in Training and Education, and teaches her lip enhancement techniques to other medically trained practitioners.

What are dermal fillers?


Dermal fillers are injectable treatments containing Hyaluronic Acid that can be used to add volume, contour, and definition to areas of the face. Dermal fillers are not permanent and dissolve naturally over time, or can be dissolved using a substance called

Hyaluronidase. Dermal filler injections are administered using a needle or canula depending on the area being treated.


What dermal filler treatments are offered at Aesthetics by Sian?


Dermal Filler treatments offered in clinic include:

- Lip Enhancements

- Perioral Rejuvenation (Smoker’s lines)

- Marionette Lines

- Nasolabial Folds (Smile Lines)

- Cheek filler

- Jaw filler

- Chin filler

- Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

- Tear Trough


What dermal fillers are used at Aesthetics by Sian?


Siân uses premium brand dermal fillers in clinic. Siân ensures all products used are premium quality and bought from a reputable aesthetics pharmacy.


Are dermal filler treatments painful?


As dermal fillers are administered using either a needle or canula, there is some level of discomfort. However, numbing cream is applied prior to the treatment and the dermal filler used in most areas contains lidocaine, which also numbs the area.


Will the results be instant?


You will notice a difference straight after the treatment. However, this will not be your final result. Any injection causes an inflammatory response and following your treatment, the treated area may be bruised and swollen – it may take 2-3 weeks for the treatment area to heal and the final result to be apparent.


How can I prepare for my appointment?


You can prepare for your dermal filler appointment by doing the following:

- Avoid drinking alcohol for a minimum of 48 hours before your appointment

- Avoid taking blood thinning medications, such as Ibuprofen, for 72 hours prior to your appointment

- Avoid drinking caffeine on the day of your appointment


- Avoid any facial laser, chemical peels or microneedling treatments for 2 weeks prior to your appointment

- You can take arnica tablets for one week prior to your appointment to help with bruising (please follow instructions on the packet)

- You can put an ice pack in the freezer before leaving for your appointment, so it is ready when you return home

- Please arrive to your appointment wearing no makeup


What is the aftercare advice for dermal filler treatments?


Following your dermal filler treatment, aftercare is very important to assist with the healing of the treatment area and to avoid complications, such as infection.

Aftercare advise includes:

- Avoid touching the treated area for a minimum of 24 hours post treatment

- Avoid applying any skincare products or makeup to the treated area for a minimum of 24 hours post treatment

- Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes for a minimum of 24 hours post treatment

- Please try to keep the treated area as clean as possible for a minimum of 24 hours post treatment; this includes avoiding kissing for 24 hours post lip filler treatment, wearing clean face masks, etc

- You can eat and drink post treatment, however, please be wary if having lip filler, your lips may remain numb for two hours post treatment due to the lidocaine. Please take care when consuming hot food or drinks

- Avoid participating in excessive exercise for a minimum of 48 hours post treatment

- Avoid taking blood thinners, such as Ibuprofen for 3 days post treatment - however, you can take paracetamol

- Avoid swimming, sunbeds, sunbathing, saunas and steam rooms for two weeks post procedure. Please use sun protection on the treated area if you cannot avoid direct sunlight.

- Avoid flying for a minimum of 14 days post treatment; this is due to

the change of pressure in airplanes causing increased swelling, which may also lead to migration of product

- Avoid any facials, chemical peels, Microneedling, microdermabrasion or laser treatments for a minimum of 2 weeks post treatment

- Bruising and swelling are common side effects of dermal filler treatments. You can apply arnica cream to the treated area or take arnica tablets (following the guidance on the pack) to assist with bruising. You can also use an ice pack to help with swelling.


Am I a suitable candidate for Dermal Filler treatments?

You shouldn’t have dermal filler treatments if you are pregnant, receiving IVF treatments or breastfeeding, if you have a current

infection, if your skin around the treatment area is irritated or if you have a current cold sore, if you’re allergic to ingredients in the dermal filler, if you have had previous anaphylaxis, or if you have an autoimmune disease or are taking autoimmune medications.

There are certain medical conditions and medications, which would also mean you are not a suitable candidate for dermal filler

treatments at this time. It is advised that you contact the clinic prior to booking an appointment if you have any allergies, have any

diagnosed medical conditions or are undergoing medical investigations, take any medications, or have had any recent

surgeries – to check if dermal filler treatments will be suitable for you at this time.

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