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At Aesthetics by Sian, we are proud to offer plasma treatments using the Plasma IQ device by Neauvia. Plasma IQ is an FDA approved plasma device, which is effective in treating a number of different concerns – including hooded eyelids, sagging skin and removal of skin tags. 

Plasma IQ is a great alternative to surgery, which is considered low risk with minimal side effects, and a considerably lower downtime when compared to surgical interventions.


The Plasma IQ device is based on plasma microbeam technology, aimed to correct slackening in the targeted area by promoting skin regeneration from within, with minimum trauma and patient down time. It was the first of its kind to be FDA cleared. Particularly known to correct hooded eyelids and lower eyelid skin laxity, as a non-invasive alternative solution to blepharoplasty. Plasma IQ can also reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, wrinkles and scars, or even be used to remove skin lesions (cherry angioma, yellow xanthelasma, etc). 


The Plasma IQ device has 4 different levels of energy making it one of the most powerful of its kind on the market. 



What can the Plasma IQ treat?


- Hooded Eyelids (a non-surgical alternative to Blepharoplasty)

- Fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes

- Crows feet

- Skin laxity reduction on the face or neck

- Peri-oral lines

- Scarring and stretchmarks

- Removal of skin tags


What are the benefits of Plasma IQ?

Benefits of Plasma IQ treatment include:

An alternative to surgery

Minimal recovery and downtime

Low risk

Minimal side effects


Long-Lasting results

Short treatment time


How does it work?


PLASMA IQ uses skin sublimation, a physical phenomenon which causes controlled and very precise skin lesions to create a tightening and shrinking of the skin tissue.

As the tip of the PLASMA IQ electrode approaches the skin, it ionizes the gases in the air, generating a small voltaic arc.

The plasma arc causes the epidermis of the skin to sublimate, turning a solid into a gas, resulting in immediate retraction and tightening of the skin in the targeted area. This plasma sublimation method is highly precise and controlled. It does not transmit heat to the surrounding area. 


During the procedure, a tiny flash of plasma is discharged from the tip of the handpiece to the area to be treated, creating a tiny spot without cutting the skin and any other trauma like bleeding.

PLASMA IQ has a unique tip that delivers a focused arc of energy with the precise amount of energy desired during treatment.

The device has different energy levels allowing safe and effective treatments for a variety of indications and areas; it contributes to decrease downtime and minimize the risk of side effects.


How many treatments will I need?


The amount of treatments required varies between individuals, however typically on average between 1-3 treatments are required.


How long do the results last?


Following your treatment, the effect typically lasts for as long as comparable to surgical treatment. However, the effects cannot be regarded as permanent as the treatment does not halt nor prevent the ageing process. 

The result can last for multiple years depending on lifestyle factors that contribute to skin ageing and damage. To get the full benefit from your Plasma IQ treatment, it is advised you should avoid smoking, drinking excess alcohol and avoid prolonged sun exposure. 


What are the risks of the treatment?


Potential side effects include (in decreasing order of likelihood):


- Stinging in the treated area immediately following treatment (typically lasts for around one hour)

- Localised redness and swelling (can be expected for up to 3 days)

- Scabs forming on the micro wounds (can be expected to fall off after 7 days)

- Prolonged redness; swelling; bruising; prolonged scabbing and crusting; skin discolouration; scarring and infection



What is the aftercare advice?


After the Plasma IQ treatment, in addition to any other instructions given to you by your clinician, you should ensure that you:


- Avoid touching or cleansing the area for at least 12 hours following treatment

- Following the end of this 12 hour period, gently cleanse the skin twice a day and apply post-procedure ointment twice after (additional ointment may then be applied as needed if dryness occurs)

- Ensure that your hands are clean when applying any ointment

- After two days, apply SPF50 to the treated area daily

- Do not pick or scratch the scabs as this may delay healing or affect outcomes

- Avoid sunlight, exercise, heat, steam or sweat for 48 hours post treatment

- Do not use makeup, mascara or creams other than sunblock on the treated area until scabs have healed (typically approximately 1 week post treatment)

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